Namaqua Silver Sands Hiking

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Place Category: Activities and Lutzville

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  • Full catering Slack pack Hiking (All inclusive)

    • The Silver Sands Trail is a fully catered, 5 nights 6 days, slack-packing hike along the pristine coastline of
      Namaqualand in the Namaqua National Park with a kaleidoscope of flowers during season. The distance is 55km with a difficult factor of 3 along the beach.
      “Every hike is a new journey to undiscovered places, we do this not to escape life but for life not to escape us.
      The  Silver Sands hiking adventure starts by you taking the first steps.”
      So… Let’s pack our bags and get some dirt on our boots”
    • The Curlew Trail is also a fully catered guesthouse accommodation, packing trail along the Elandsbay, Lambertsbay, Doornbay and Strandfontein coastline. Also includes a boat trip along the Olifantsriver. The distance can vary between 37km and 55km depend on tides and weather.

    Contact details:

    027 217 2926
    072 376 2870