Piekenierskloof Wine Company

Piekenierskloof Wine Company

Visit the newly renovated 1849 wine cellar, home to Piekenierskloof Wines new tasting room Visit them at De Tol and try out the delectable and huge Cheese Platter!

Nestled in the Citrusdal Mountains, 50 km north of Swartland, the magnificent Piekenierskloof plateau, provides the perfect natural environment for vineyards to thrive. At 750 meters above sea level, its climate, characterised by warm days and cool nights, is perfect for grapes to slowly ripen and develop complexity of flavours. Dryland, unirrigated, ungrafted old bush vines on original rootstock (makstok), planted in the 1960’s are still in production.
Piekenierskloof Wine Company is a vibrant company which fills an important niche in the regional economy. It assists local wine grape growers (its Fairtrade partners) by paying fair prices for their crops. This supporting role uplifts both the farm workers and the wider farming community. Fairtrade inspectors monitor the supply chain and Mother Earth is in charge of growing the grapes.
The majority shareholders of Piekenierskloof Wine Company are the two brothers, Oubaas and Potgieter van Zyl, sons of Carel Petrus van Zyl. Carel van Zyl planted the block of Chenin and Muscadel vines in 1962 in the Piekenierskloof area that is still in production. The history of wine runs deep in the veins of these two brothers, since they are the third generation of the Van Zyl family to produce wine in the unique terroir of Piekenierskloof.
The deep water retaining soils of the regions sustain un-irrigated bush vine through the long warm summers and are tempered with cool sea breezes at nightfall. The reward comes in the form of small concentrated (grape) berries with a fine balance between sugar, acid, tannin and colour at harvest – all the ingredients necessary to produce ripe and exceptionally flavourful wines.
The labels of the Piekenierskloof brand are inspired by the soldiers that once protected the pass. Distinguished by their unique attire and long lances, the Dutch Piekeniers (soldiers) are our selected icons for the expansive Piekenierskloof Pass. With two decades of democracy behind us, we decided to 'disarm' our soldiers, placing their efforts into more constructive actions for our labels. Each stance and gesture now represent everything we are about – philosophy, peace, liberty, new beginnings, foundations, establishing new roots, harvest and enjoying the fruits of our labour. Topped with a vibrant orange, we tip our hat towards both the Dutch origins of our name and the region’s history of citrus and fruit farming.

Piekenierskloof, Citrusdal

Contact details:
+27 (0)22 921 2233
bridget@pkwc.co.za / info@pkwc.co.za

Trading hours:
Tasting Room: Mondays to Sundays: 08:00 - 17:00

Tastings: De Tol, N7 Piekenierskloof Pass, Citrusdal, 7340
32°37'04.8"S 18°57'21.9"E

Wine Cellar: Nieuwoudt Street, Citrusdal, 7340