Noordkykers Guided Walks and Kontrei Kiekies Photography

Noordkykers Guided Walks and Kontrei Kiekies Photography

“My lifelong nature and photography passion really started to blossom when I traded the city for the beautiful Strandfontein, the jewel of the West Coast, in 2009. Here I can truly fulfill my passion and share the beauty of our area with others. The dry landscape might seem like nothing, but it is filled with surprises and offers tourists a lot in all seasons. In the winter the rain colours the fields in green with flowers that emerge out of nowhere. Even in the dry summers, the aloes bloom. The nature never disappoints.
The fauna and flora is diverse with species that are endemic to our area, ideal to combine walking with photography and to create beautiful memories.
I am a registered guide and offers any type of trail tailored to fit the tourist’s needs or just to spend some time in the fields and to discover the hidden treasures through our macro lenses. Weddings, functions, family photos, photography outings, you name it and I will press the button.” - Tania Fouche

Guided Hiking trails:

Strandfontein to the Olifants River mouth - 16 km there and back


A shorter route of 4 km to the famous ‘Rotstuin’ Contact Tania for more information.

Contact details:

Tania Fouche
072 154 3887


Strandfontein area