Knersvlakte (West Coast Escape Magazine)

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April 30, 2019
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Knersvlakte (West Coast Escape Magazine)

Imagine a wild open space; a place where the air is clear and filled with the promise of re-discovery. Now imagine yourself right there, immersed in the magical land that is South Africa’s Namaqua West Coast. Easily one of the Cape’s most unique travel destinations, the Namaqua West Coast is a place of iconic beauty.

Experience its extraordinary botanical heritage, from the drama of blooming vygieveld in spring to the dwarf succulents of the Knersvlakte.  This is the land ripe for exploration; a land where you can truly find yourself.

You’ve never seen a field of flowers like the patchwork blankets that bloom every year throughout Namaqua West Coast. Look a little closer to that desert area too and in the windswept silence you’ll discover the seething life on the fascinating crust of the open plain.

The Knersvlakte is home to a third of the world’s dwarf succulents. It also has one of the largest concentrations of endangered plant species in the world. Namaqualand has some 35 different lichens and possibly even more, with more than half being endemic to the region.

No wonder it’s world renowned for its spectacular bio-diversity.  A vast number of plant species – many endemic – are represented in the region’s fynbos, salt marshes, vygieveld, gannabosveld, renosterveld and strandveld.

The Knersvlakte is one of the richest and most diverse succulent regions in the world. Its miniature succulents come in all shapes and sizes, and are known colloquially by names like baba-boudtjies, krapogies and vingers-en-duimpies.

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photo credit: Bruce Viane during Expedition Africa 2018