In search of red wines (Planet Wine)

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October 13, 2020
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October 14, 2020
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In search of red wines (Planet Wine)

“The best wine is the one you like most, irrespective of brand, price or awards. Listen to your tongue and ignore what others say,” answered the late Ronnie Melck of Muratie and SFW fame to a question by an ignorant Matie student nearly five decades ago.

But life is a moving target and things never stay the same. Five decades ago the wine selection was very limited compared to today, and wine styles equally so. This makes choosing the right wine for every occasion more complicated, especially with so many “experts” telling us what to drink and why. Do you go for red or white (or rosé), full-bodied or easy-drinking?

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In search of red wines with the “bevebilita” factor!