Hiking the coast

Hiking the coast

Try the signposted hiking trail between Doringbaai and Papendorp, which includes two labyrinths along the way. The trail between Doringbaai and Ebenhaezer can be broken up into three day-walks. It is a short 7km walk from Doringbaai to Strandfontein, 8km from Strandfontein to Papendorp, and 18km along the Olifants River from Papendorp to Ebenhaezer. A new walk around Strandfontein has also recently been developed.

The Flamingo Birding Route
The route stretches from Langebaan in the south of the Cape West Coast to the northern borders of Vanrhynsdorp and Knersvlakte.Detailed descriptions are regularly updated on the Birding Routes section of the Flamingo Birding Route pages of www.westerncapebirding.co.za

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Some of the most popular camping spots are at Strandfontein, Jurg-se-kaya, Malkopbaai, and Gert du Toit-se-baai and Brand-se-baai, one of the last true wild camps on the Cape West Coast.

Try the signposted hiking trail between Doringbaai and Papendorp, which includes two labyrinths along the way:

Walk the Wandering Whale Labyrinth, Strandfontein
Built on a cliff top at the edge of the ocean, from the Wandering Whale Labyrinth there are dramatic sea views up and down the coast. Lined with blue mussel shells that crush gently underfoot. At the centre of the labyrinth is a bench surrounded by rose quartz - so you are surrounded by a circle of pink, a bigger circle of blue shells and the vast ocean beyond. In winter you can even whale watch while walking this uniquely situated labyrinth that has already seen over a thousand pairs of feet.
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Labyrinth of Memories Papendorp
This Labyrinth was built with stones from the original “Viswater House” of Lady Fryer and surrounding area. The path of pebbles laid is from diamondiferous gravel that travelled down the Kimberlite pipes to the Atlantic shores surrounding the Olifants River of the Matzikama. The topographical pattern resembles our Namaqua Daisy, the outer petals planted is the “Euphorbia Schoelandi”, a red data species unique to this area. This Labyrinth was built by hand with gratitude for the past and our ancestors, hope for the future and our children.
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