Griekwa Rieldansers en Kultuur

The riel dance is an energetic dance done with fast feet and by dancing in a circle. The dance was initially performed by the Khoisan people around a campfire if there was an event taking place or after a good hunt. The word “riel” is not the dance’s original name, but is borrowed from the Scottish folkdance - reel. Today the riel dance is acknowledged as one of the oldest cultural heritages in Southern Africa, that includes courtship rituals, imitation of animal antics (for example a snake or meerkat) along with the “cocky” swagger of the dancers and ingenious feetwork that normally kicks up a lot of dust. This dance is done in traditional uniforms.

Overall winners and champions of the Junior division at the ATKV Rieldans competion 2017
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Elsabe Cloete


Vredendal area, Western Cape