Bird fact

Bird fact

Namaqua West Coast had only 76 official bird species but after the Namaqua Bird Club was established it grew to 245 species! Our unique landscape of fynbos, mountains and sea, regions like Nama-Karoo and Knersvalkte are home to a huge variety of birds.

The Flamingo Birding Route is one of the region’s little known treasures that incorporates excellent observation sites in mountain, coastal, sandveld and estuarine habitats. The greatest concentration of birds can be found within the Olifants River estuary, an important habitat for thousands of migratory birds. More than 200 bird species have been recorded here and in summer the estuary’s bird population can swell to over 15 000 individual birds. River walks along the Olifants River provide the best birding opportunities and there are bird hides near Papendorp.

A large number of endemic bird species are also supported by the succulent Karoo vegetation of the Kernsvlakte. The Varsch River, 14 km north of Vanrhynsdorp, is a good birding area with frequent sightings of Namaqua sandgrouse, various lark species, mousebirds, chats and warblers. Farm dams across the region are good for spotting maccoa and yellow-billed duck, SA shelduck, and Cape shovelers.

You can even see 60 Ludwig's Bustards per day if you’re lucky!

For more information, contact Salome from the Namaqua Birding Club:
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